Jim Proctor


SciFi – Fantasy – Romance

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Here are a few of my books

Carl Wilkins is the best space salvage operator in the star system. He takes a lucrative contract to salvage three battleships near the asteroid belt, but things quickly go wrong. A simple deep space salvage job turns into a struggle for survival.  

Nolan Peters and Megan Carson investigate the mysterious disappearance of their friend, Carl Wilkins, and uncover a conspiracy that could lead to a galactic military coup. Who do they trust with their evidence?

Jazeen Florence yearns for freedom. Her parents, guilt-ridden since the death of her older sister, have made Jazeen a virtual prisoner in their home. A chance encounter with a retired wizard plunges her into a world where magic is real. 

Ninteen-year-old Jazeen wants to become a witch, but finding a willing teacher is nearly impossible. While visiting an old book store, the storekeeper gives her a book he assures her will teach her magic. The book proves to be anything but ordinary.

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